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HMR Monthly Conference Call Recordings

Located on this webpage are links to the HMR Online Discussion Group's monthly conference calls which occur on the second Wednesday of each month. In this discussion group we share information regarding the various adaptations of HMR for releasing the impact of trauma on the whole range of the trauma continuum. The creative sharing of various solutions and adaptations of HMR for different trauma-based pathologies has proven most enlightening to both trainees and certified practitioners over the years. In bringing our trainings online and globally available, we also wanted to offer guidance of a more personal and professional nature to our long-distance trainees and those introducing HMR to new populations, regions, and countries. Complex cases and interventions may be discussed as we grow in our understanding of the impact of this gentle but powerful emotional reframing technique. Discussions of internal resistance, stuck points, complex mapping, contraindications, chemical interference as well as successful new interventions and applications will be shared and discussed. I hope to facilitate these online discussions myself, but will defer at times to specialists whose contribution adds to the richness and effectiveness of HMR.

Each of these online gatherings can be applied as 1/2 hour credit to the required 9 hours of supervision in HMR as you work toward certification. Five of those hours must include actual case reviews derived from your 90 documented (face to face HMR) memories that are required for certification. A list of available supervisors and their areas of expertise is now available.

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