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Welcome to the new HMR Training website: professionals and non-professionals alike! My name is Brent Baum, and I’m the developer of “Holographic Memory Resolution®,” a new mind-body therapeutic approach for reducing the impact of anxiety, stress, and trauma in our lives. HMR is an “emotional reframing” technique which does not affect historical memory, but, rather, targets the emotional charge that is stored when the bodymind becomes overwhelmed. The goal of this process, therefore, is not to alter memory, but to inform the subconscious mind that we are no longer (trapped) in the trauma scene(s). At such moments, be they big or small within the flow of our lives, we “take a picture” – a holographic three-dimensional picture, capturing all of the emotional and physiological data of that instant, and store it in a container somewhere in the bodymind. Stress and trauma induce these automatic and subconscious acts of protective containment. Consciousness itself is paused, and the pain of the event, physical and/or emotional, is conveniently captured and faded into the 95% subconscious mind: slightly, significantly, or completely (“traumatic amnesia” or “delayed recall” are the technical terms).

We are all alive today due to the efficiency of this protective storage. Since all memories – all of our senses, for that matter, are holographic in nature, a single fragment of a stored memory has the capacity to resurrect this experience (a “trance” by definition) and protect us with a resurgence of adrenaline. This continues in the bodymind until proof of safety is established and we understand both consciously (5%) and subconsciously (95%) that the event is over, resolved, and that safety is reestablished.

We have known since 1936 and Hans Selye’s “General Adaptation Syndrome” that the triggering of adrenaline will result in the reduction of our “Thymus-Cell” (T-Cell) production in our immune system. In this age of “Reality TV,” live/instant broadcast of natural and man-made catastrophic events, we – our children, families, and loved ones are sensory bombarded on a daily basis. A single fragment of a scene, memory, or image already stored in the 95% subconscious mind holds the capacity to “return us to trance.” And we are trancing 15-50 times an hour (try counting for yourself how often you divert from your attempt at linear thought). There is no longer any doubt:

The single greatest threat to the human immune system is the fact that we “trance” 15-50 times an hour, leaving the present moment, and regressing into the physiology of past, stored memory. This returns us to the stressful states of the past, compromising our immune systems, our decision-making, our mindfulness, our relational presence, our dreams and goals, our success …. our emotional and physiological stability.

This also means, however, that with the successful “reframing” of our memories, and extraction from the “movie” of the past, we can boost our immune systems and give ourselves and our loved ones the best chance at overcoming the growing, emergent threats to our immune systems. Most of my HMR coordinators, mentors, and supervisors in major cities are former “autoimmune disorder” sufferers whose emotional reframing sent them into remission.

There is hope beyond that which we have dreamed. Just in the past few years we have witnessed the possibility of recovery from using HMR on cases of Pre-eclampsia (where blood pressure began dropping), Crohn’s, migraines, trauma-induced chronic pain and seizures, anxiety and depression, as well as a broad range of other conditions and pathologies. We have also found that the younger we are when we begin emotional reframing, the faster we are capable of accessing and utilizing color and our brainwave frequencies.

Parents, educators, and guidance counselors have been a major focus for education and training in HMR. In its simplest form – the reframing of a single moment of stress or trauma, a child can use the technique to release accumulated, stress, anger, fear, or headache pain. These are simple skills that can be used to enhance parenting and offer children practical skills for resolving their stress and pain. Upon discovering this, children frequently use the basic, Level 1 reframing to help each other. The use of color reframing to improve performance and reduce stress about future events, games, exams, speeches, and other types of challenges is now commonplace for some. Reduction of nightmares, tics accompanying Tourette’s syndrome, migraines, and a wide range of anxiety symptoms have also been reported.

Training in HMR reflects knowledge and interventions adapted to the whole spectrum of the Trauma Continuum. Every human being will encounter Level 1 and 2 traumas as a routine part of living. The dynamics involved in the development of HMR are principles which reveal much about the nature and flow of consciousness as well as the keys to safely release our acquired pain. HMR empowers us in some unique ways to access our inner wisdom to navigate the complex paths and storage of memory in the bodymind. Every human being working at “Surviving Trauma School Earth” (title of my latest book), can benefit greatly from Level 1-2 Training. Level 3 training in HMR focuses on advanced skills relating to the middle and latter portion of the Trauma Continuum.

The practice of HMR in all of its components is dependent upon your legal and professional licensure, based on the regulations in your state or country of practice. HMR is legally defined as an educational process designed to help individuals reduce the impact of stress and trauma in their lives. The advanced, Level 3 training is primarily designed for professionals and healthcare providers, though knowledge of this level of trauma can facilitate earlier diagnosis and treatment. The continuum of trauma addressed by HMR training is reflected below. Containment and advanced skills to address complex PTSD are taught in the advanced training.

Continuing education credit will be announced as the various credentialing bodies approve the various CE applications pertaining to the online training. HMR has previously been approved by all state NASW bodies where the workshop was offered; it has also been approved for NAADAC continuing education for addictions counselors and “has been reviewed and approved by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, an approved APA provider for continuing education for psychologists.”

Among those who have completed the certification process in HMR are the following professions: psychiatrists, psychologists, anesthesiologists, neurologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, nurse practitioners, nurses, naturopathic physicians, neurotherapists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, licensed professional counselors, acupuncturists, massage and cranio-sacral therapists, physical therapists, energy workers (Reiki practitioners), polarity therapists, and many other disciplines.

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