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Committed to Reducing the Presence and Impact of Trauma in our World

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Please review the Video Training Disclaimer below before proceeding to the HMR Online Training site.

By consenting to watch these videos, I acknowledge that the purpose of this material is educational and intended to inform individuals about the dynamics and principles of trauma induction and reduction and does not constitute a medical procedure or therapeutic intervention. Given the sensitive nature of trauma imprinting, as discussed in these videos, I understand that I am responsible for pursuing appropriate psychological, medical, or mental health care should the activation of unresolved memories and their accompanying pathology arise. I understand that there is a list of certified HMR practitioners on the main website. I understand that HMR is designed to empower individuals to reduce the impact of trauma utilizing their own internal resources. Understanding Level 3 trauma to include psychosis, dissociative disorders, and the extremes of the trauma continuum, I acknowledge that I am sufficiently grounded and therapeutically supported to view these materials if I have previously presented with such symptoms or with complex PTSD. I do not hold Healing Dimensions ACC responsible, as an uncertified practitioner, for my use of or personal response to these materials or images. I understand that I am only able to professionally (accepting remuneration) and legally practice HMR as a certified practitioner or utilize the principles and name of “Holographic Memory Resolution®” as an identified trainee with a signed disclaimer from volunteers experiencing HMR during the training process. I am responsible for any hybridization or modification of language or protocols of HMR subsequent to viewing these materials and do not hold Healing Dimensions ACC responsible for the consequences of such changes.

I have read the disclaimer and would like to proceed to the HMR Online Training site

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